Oud model ATAS voedingNieuw model ATAS voedingElectronic power supply units have been installed in the ESAB cutting machines from the NCE-510 series. These are of a high quality, yet after many years of intensive use, problems can occur in these units as a result of aging.

Unfortunately the factory no longer has the option of repairing these old power supply units. We, in the Electronic Service Centre are still able to do so. Internally the units differ quite substantially. Version 1 consists of only one power supply board. Version 2 came about later on in the production. This unit doesn’t just have a power supply board but has also been developed with an extra filter print board. Version 1 is being converted by us to version 2. The cost of this is € 225. If version 2 is faulty then the costs will be significantly lower at € 95 because the filter print board and the conversion have already been implemented.

The repair time is usually only a few days.

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